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Robam S112 40L Built-In Steam Oven
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45cm Series - 40 Litres Built-In Steam Oven



  • 3-Dimensional steam cooking technology
  • Fully LCD display & sensor touch control
  • Accurately controlling of every 1ºC brings different preferred heat to various food.
  • 360º micro-high pressure steaming covering all dimensions of food
  • Electric external water tank
  • 8 preset cooking programmes
    • Meat
    • Fish
    • Egg
    • Pastry
    • Tendons
    • Vegetable
    • Pasta
    • Defrosting
  • Interllectual water testing technology and humanized water shortage tips
  • Automatically testing and protecting during cooking process
  • Intelligent protection: screen lock and electromagnetic lock
  • Capacity: 40L
  • Rated voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Power rating: 2100W
  • Voltage (v): 220 - 240
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Current (Amp): 13
  • Net weight: 25.5kg
  • Product dimension (mm): W595 x H455 x D520
  • Built-in hole dimension (mm):
    • Full insertion: W600 x H460 x D565
    • Semi insertion: W560 x H450 x D550

*refer to diagram for the product & built-in dimension



ROBAM S112 Steam Oven - Steamed Fresh and Fast

Lock in Flavor - No water dropping makes the food more delicious.

3-Core Heating Up
1. U-Shaped top heating tape: Covering the top sides of the steam oven. In the steaming process, it opens automatically to produce a high temperature zone at the top, so that there is no condensation producted when the steam rises, and thus there is no condensed water dropping on the food that may destroy the food taste. Therefore the food surface is more tastier.


2. Bottom dual-core heating heating plate: The two pipes heat up simultaneuosly with the set temperature works simultaneuosly with the enlarged heating plate (with a dimeter of 145mm), at the same time the small sized heating pipe works intermittently to guarantee continuous supply of frest steam for rapid steaming. Thus locking the nutrition of the foods.

105ºC Powerful Steaming
(Patent No: 201621435735.8)
Three cores (the two heating pipes and the top auxiliary heating tape) heat up by coordination to raise the temperature of the cavity up to 105ºC, bringing an explosive force beyond the boiling point, especially suitable for food with dense fibrous tissues, a large volume, or that hard to cook, allowing you to cook food more thoroughly and with better taste. 

Dynamic Steam
Steam dynamic balance system: The upper vent is designed to discharge the waste steam in a timely manner and the vent on the back is used to maintain a vapor balance, so as to keep fresh steam for food heating and avoid food tainting by ordor and ensure that each dish retains its pure taste.

Intelligent with large capacity - 70% additional steaming volume for 3 dishes simultaneously cooking.

40 Litres Large Capacity
Extra large capacity: The steam oven has the market maximum capacity of 40L, it is equivalent to 70% larger volume from its previous generations of steam oven (which is only 23.5L). The extra large cavity also allow 3-layer large steaming dishes cook at the same time.


1ºC Precise Control
Robam 1ºC precise oven: Control every single degreee of temperature that meet demanding requirement of professional food cooking industry.


Intelligent Appointment
One button appointment allows you to enjoy the food easily.



Steaming with fresh water - Electric water box mounted above the steamer to avoid heat loss and provide 120-minutes continuous steaming period.

Upper electric water tank:
1) Electric water box is mounted above the steamer. Touch "Water Key" and pops up electric water box to avoid pausing the steam cooking process.


2) With the water tank capacity of 1.4 litres allows continuous steaming for up to 120-minutes, there won't be any interruption for adding water and heat lost for the 40 litres volume steamer.


3) Intelligent warning of water shortage. In case of water shortage during steam process, the system automatically alarms and shuts off.


Precision control of High/Medium/Low water levels.
Precision to control the water volume and heating mode require for the heating plate by the theory of communicating vessels (water level sensor and heating plates), to ensure cavity temperature and steam content at its best steam effect and performance.

Precise three-stage control of water level: By controlling the water level of the water sensor, its take precise control of the amount of water  for the heating plate to avoid repeated heating of the steam water, thus ensuring that the heating plate continues to provide fresh steam and guaranteeing the best steaming performance.



Humanized design - Built with user friendly in mind for convenient steam cooking, safety protection and easy maintenance. A whole ideal system for a perfect steam cooking.

Smart Pop-Up knob.
1) Convenient and easy to operate knob design: Immediate invisibility by a light-press, coupled with a touch button brings a whole convenient control experience. You can immediately cook delicious food by lightly turning the knob based on the 7+1 programmes modes, temperature and time setting.


2) Easy to clean: Simple and convenient to clean up with no extra trouble.


7+1 Smart Menus.
Interpret as Seven smart menus + one-Button for intelligent appointment: with menus of tendos, fish, pasta, eggs, vegetable, defrost and powerful 105ºC steam cooking function + intelligent appointment allow you to freely choose cooking needs, freeing you from taking time to learn the steam cook.


Safety Protection.
1) Dry burning resistant protection: The heating plate is equpped with protection devices, employing multi-channel safety to prevent dry burning.


2) Protection by automatic door lock: Automatic door locking during operation can completely prevent risks of burns when the door 


3) Front mounted radiator: The front-mounted cooling fan system discharges excess heat and steam in time, to protect the control system and keep the cabinet dry.


Easy Clean System.
1) Integrated seamless rack: Designed with concavo-convex veins for easy to clean with no dead corner.


2) Designed with diversion of condensed water: Condensed water gathers at the bottom after steaming and no need to wipe off the whole steam oven.


3) 304-Stainless steel steam tray: Allow direct contact with food easy to clean and durable.


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