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Fotile One Oven HYZK26-E1 26L Portable Combination Steam & Grill Oven (Freestanding)
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Fotile HYZK26-E1
25 Litres Freestanding Multi-Function Combination Steam Oven


With Fotile HYZK26-E1 standalone unit, you can have more valuable and precious time spending with your loved one while everyone at home can enjoy delicious and nutritious tasty foods in each meal. This is the best "One Oven to Cook it All" home appliance that giving you more flexibility to allows your creativity in culinary preparation from steaming, grilling, roasting, baking, air frying to dehydrating foods.

This portable combi-steam oven is installation free and is very convenient for you to have the oven place standalone anywhere a d everywhere that is convenient for your access without a need for a large kitchen or reserved built-in cabinetry.




  • Features:
    • Total capacity: 26 litres
    • 40 preset cooking programmes
    • 10 cooking modes
    • 3 cleaning modes
      • Descale
      • High-temperature steam
      • Dry ventilation
    • 110º C powerful steam mode
    • Advance dynamic steam balance technology
    • Temperature range: 30º C - 230º C
    • User-friendly LED display with aluminium rotary knobs
    • 2 heating pipe
    • Triple glass door
      • 1 x Low-E glass
      • 2 x Tempered glass
    • 0.9L water tank capacity
    • Stainless steel handle
    • 304 stainless steel cavity, steaming rack and baking rack
    • No water drops and no ponding water
    • Available functions:
      • Steam
      • Low Steam
      • Convect
      • Bake
      • Broil
      • Steam-Bake
      • Dehydrate
      • Air-Fry
      • Shortcuts
      • Proof
      • Warm
      • Descale
      • Steam Clean
      • Ventilation
    • CB & SIRIM certification
    • Colour: White with black glass door
    • Installation type: FREESTANDING


  • Standard Accessories:
    • 1 x Grill
    • 1 x Baking tray
    • 1 x Steam tray
    • 1 x Baking glove


  • Technical Infomation:
    • Max power: 2,100 W
    • Power rating: 13Amp
    • Power supply: 220-240V / 50-60Hz


  • Dimensions:
    • Product dimensions (mm): (H) 355 x (W) 451 x  (D) 478



HYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven to cook it allHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven with 3 steaming modesHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven - superheated steaming at 30 secondsHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven with baking, broiling, steam bake and convectionHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven have uniform temperatureHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven with Air-Fry oil free cooking functionHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven with dry ventilation at high speed rotationHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven  for food dehydrating to prevents oxidation of foodsHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven is easy clean with high temperature steaming and descalingHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven have 26 liters capacity freestanding and compactHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven allows cooking of different foods at one timeHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven built with 40 preset cooking programmesHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven with 40 preset programmesHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven is easy to operate with humanized designHYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven comes with 3 layers glass door HYZK26-E1 Fotile Combi One Oven - elegant design




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