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Fotile SD2F-P1X Counter Top In-SINK Dishwasher (3-IN-1 Functions Fully Integrated)
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Integrated Countertop In-Sink Dishwasher
Colour: Stainless Steel
Sink: LEFT Sink Bowl Design



  • 48-litre wash load capacity
  • Touch control
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel sink material built-up
  • Dishwash with heat drying
  • Intelligent safety lock
  • Left sink design
  • Door opening: Lift up
  • Anti-misoperation capacitive touch screen / Orange light
  • Installation type: Counter Top
  • *Faucet is not included



  • Dishwashing for 2 - 5 place setting (20 - 24 pieces of cutlery)
  • Fruit and vegetable purification


Programmes Selection:

  • Delicate
  • Normal
  • Intensive



  • Drying: Heat convection drying
  • Dishwashing temperature: 50º C - 70º C
  • Dishwashing time consumption (min): 20 / 45 / 80
  • Fruit and vegetable purifying time consumption (min): 8 / 13 / 18
  • Dishwashing water consumption (litre):
    • Delicate 7L
    • Normal 12L
    • Intensive 12L
  • Fruit and vegetable purifying water consumption (litre):
    • Delicate, Low 11L
    • Delicate, Medium 15L
    • Delicate, High 19L
    • Normal, Low: 13L
    • Normal, Medium: 17L
    • Normal, High: 21L
    • Intensive, Low: 15L
    • Intensive, Medium: 19L
    • Intensive, High: 23L
  • Noise level: 44 dbA
  • Energy usage: 180 kWh/year


Connection & Installation:

  • Needs only cold water supply
  • Water pressure: 0.14MPa - 1MPa
  • Consumption Power: 2000 W
  • Voltage/Frequency: 220 - 240V  50/60Hz
  • Current: 13 Amp
  • Installation: Refer to the diagram

Dimensions (mm):

  • Dimensions of the product (mm):  (W) 990 x (H) 610 x  (D) 490
  • Sink dimension (mm): (W) 500 x (H) 210 x (D) 385


Innovative And Efficient 3-in-1 in-SINK Dishwasher

One-of-a-kind in-SINK Dishwasher that not only washes dishes, and acts as your Kitchen Sink, it also cleans your fruits and vegetables from harmful pesticides. Award-winning dishwasher with the combination of dishwashing, sterilization and drying in one single station at counter mounted for space-saving solutions. 



All-Clean Intelligent Cleaning System

360º cleaning with no blind spots with Fotile's rotary sprays and all- angle water spray design lets the in-Sink Dishwasher accurately calculate the water jet's spray and rotation angles to create a strong waterfall-like blanket of water for aa total and thorough cleansing. 


5-Steps intense cleaning process with high-temperature rinsing removes all the stubborn oils and bacteria on your tableware. It helps in sterilizing your tableware up to 99.99%. 


Heat Convection Drying

After each wash, FOTILE in-Sink Dishwasher utilizes residual heat from high-temperature rinsing process by turning on the fan for 30 minutes to dry the dishes and the inner wall of the dishwasher. This saves you from wiping off excess water and possibly causing secondary pollution.


Fruits & Vegetables Purifier

Residual pesticides in our fruits and vegetables cause harm to children, pregnant women and the elderly. Tired of trying to hand wash your fruits and vegetables hoping to remove all the residual pesticides, let the FOTILE in-Sink Dishwasher clean your fruits and vegetables. 

Fotile's patented high-frequency ultrasound & turbulence & spray 3X fruit and vegetables purification feature not only removes dirt from the fruit and vegetable surface but also removes over 90% of pesticide residues. This technology even eliminates secondary pollution caused by the ozone, detergents and other chemical treatments.


Saves Time & Energy

Saving both on time as well as energy consumption, the Fotile in-Sink Dishwasher leads to overall satisfaction and happiness. Below a comparison based on the traditional dishwasher in the market.


A Humanize Design in-Sink Dishwasher

Extra-large sink design with length 500mm x width 385mm x depth 210mm providing plenty of room for your large pots and pans. The sink is made from food grade 304 anti-rust stainless steel which is oil-proof and easy to clean.


The in-Sink Dishwasher multifunctional racks allow to fits up to 20 - 24 tableware, perfect for family members of 2 - 5 persons for every washing session.

A 3-in-1 appliances that save kitchen space. By combining the dishwashing and the fruit and vegetable purification functions with the sink, the FOTILE in-Sink Dishwasher opens your kitchen to a wider breadth of space for additional enjoyment with family and friends.

You can now load your dishes without bending down. Ergonomically designed to remove the need for bending down, the in-Sink Dishwasher is perfect for pregnant women and the elderly.






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