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Bosch HSG7364B1 71L Combination Steam & Grill Oven, Series 8
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Brand Bosch
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60cm height, 7lL Built-In Combination Steam with Grill Oven
Series 8




  • Features:
    • Total capacity: 71 litres
    • Digital control ring: this simple and innovative way to select the cooking setting
    • TFT touch display control: easy to use together with a control ring with full text and symbols
    • Drop-down door with SoftOpen and SoftClose: the oven door opens and closes especially gently and quietly
    • Automatic switch-off: cooking process automatically stops as soon as the dish is done
    • Steam function plus: for gentle, healthy food preparation at up to 120ºC
    • Heating temperature range: 30 °C - 250 °C
    • Integral cooling fan
    • Interior halogen lighting
    • Enamel anthracite cavity
    • Electronic touch control panel
    • Meat probe
    • Sabbath-compliant
    • Handle-type door opening
    • Child lock function
    • Electronic clock with timer control
    • Fast pre-heating function
    • 5 Shelf positions
    • Information display about function and setting


  • Comfort & Controls:
    • Supporting systems: Setting options for the dishes to prepare different meals
    • Favourites: To save up to 30 different operating modes as your favourites
    • Additional functions:
      • Descaling programme
      • Automatic boiling point detection
      • Drying function
    • Baking sensor - Multipoint temperature probe
    • LED light, Switch for oven illumination
    • Water tank with 1 liter
    • Water tank empty indicator


  • 14 Combi Oven heating method:
    • 4D hot air
    • Top/bottom heating
    • Gentle hot air
    • Air fry
    • Gentle top/bottom heating
    • Circulated air grilling
    • Full-surface grill
    • Centre-area grill
    • Pizza setting
    • Slow cooking
    • Defrost
    • Bottom heating
    • Keeping warm
    • Plate warming


  • Steam heating types:
    • Steam Plus, (30-120ºC)
    • Reheating, (80-100ºC)
    • Dough proving, (30-50ºC)
    • Defrosting, (30-60ºC)


  • Safety:
    • Childproof lock
    • Automatic switch off
    • Residual heat indicator
    • Start button
    • Door contact switch


  • Standard Accessories:
    • Wire rack
    • Universal pan
    • Enamelled baking tray
    • Size M, unperorated steam container
    • Size M, perforated steam container
    • Size XL, perforated steam container
    • Meat thermometer


  • Cleaning:
    • Ecolyse feature: back panel


  • Dimensions:
    • Product dimensions (mm): (H) 595 x (W) 594 x (D) 548
    • Built-in minimum dimensions (mm): (H) 585 - 595 x (W) 560 - 568 x (D) 550
      * Please refer to the built-in dimensions provided in the installation drawing


  • Technical Infomation:
    • Connection rating: 3600 W
    • Power rating: 16Amp
    • Power supply: 220 - 240V /  50 - 60Hz
    • Electrical cord supply length: 120cm
    • No plug supply
    • Energy efficiency rating (acc. EU Nr. 65/2014): A+(at a range of energy efficiency classes from A+++ to D)
    • Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode:0.87 kWh
    • Energy consumption per cycle in fan-forced convection mode:0.69 kWh





Product Warranty:

  • Parts & Labour: 2 years



Bosch HSG7364B1 combi steam oven have the intuitive digital display for your cooking convenience.
When intuitive meets digital
With the Digital Control Ring, it is not only easier to operate your oven, it is also more intuitive. Instead of rotary knobs, you intuitively adjust oven settings directly on the control panel, using just your index finger. Simply move your finger across the ring engraved on the control panel and press to confirm the desired setting.
Bosch HSG7364B1 combi steam oven comes with TFT touch screen control - made operation easy and simple.
Puts your food on display
The innovative Digital Control Ring makes cooking easier than ever. With a slight turn of the engraved centre ring, you can adjust oven settings with one finger. There is also a high-resolution, plain-text TFT touchscreen with integrated, directly selectable buttons. Clear images and info texts on the Digital Control Ring guide you at every step, as you navigate the programme menu. So you will always have a complete overview and full control of your oven.
Bosch HSG7364B1 combi steam oven comes with Perfect Bake Plus for intelligence cooking style.
Baking with intelligence
Never before has baking been so simple. Select a dish, like “Muffins”, press Start and your oven takes over from there. The best part: thanks to artificial intelligence and the Baking Sensor measuring the humidity inside your oven you can see how many minutes are left until your dish is ready to serve. To enjoy PerfectBake Plus, just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
Bosch HSG7364B1 combi steam oven  that have the Oven assistant to help you control the oven remotely.
The easy way to your preferred dish
Are you sometimes unsure of which programme is right for which dish? Just ask the Oven Assistant. Connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account and simply tell it what dish you want to prepare via the Home Connect app or your Amazon Alexa voice control device. The oven will then suggest suitable settings or programmes and switch directly to your selection – an extremely convenient feature. To enjoy the Oven Assistant, just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
Bosch HSG7364B1 combi steam oven easy operation during cooking that you can set the oven to automatically switch off.
Switch-off made easy
Are you uncertain whether your soufflé, pizza or roast is really done? Using the Assist Function your Bosch oven will automatically switch off at programme end. It knows when the dish is ready and informs you also via a signal or the Home Connect app - just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
Bosch HSG7364B1 combi steam oven with steam function plus.
Push the heat, love to eat
Because the new Steam Function Plus steams at a temperature of up to 120°C, your dishes are done faster and retain even more of their vitamins and nutrients. For example: green beans and carrots are ready even up to 50% quicker! Steaming broccoli with Steam Function Plus, retains up to 54% more nutrients, whereas steaming potatoes retains up to 25% more Vitamin C!







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