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Belling FSDF608Dc 60cm Freestanding Double Oven Multifunction Range Cooker With Gas Hob - Stainless Steel 444444804
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Price RM4,999.00 RM6,599.00
Product SKU FSDF608Dc
Brand Belling
Size (L x W x H) 65 cm x 69 cm x 98 cm
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[Belling Combo Special] FSDF608Dc + GDACR90
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60cm Freestanding Double Oven Cooker with 4 Gas Burners

Product Information:

60cm electric double oven offers 4 gas burners, a fanned main oven with defrost function, touch control clock/programmer & easy clean enamel. A/A energy rating.

Fanned Main Oven
This distributes the heat evenly through the use of an intergrated fan. It creates an even temperature and keeps those flavours from intermingling - so now you can bake your favourite cake at the same time as your cut of meat.

Glass Lid with Auto Shut Off
The glass lid on your oven is down, the gas is automatically cut off, keepong your kitchen safe and giving you extra workspace, which is perfect for small kitchens. When the lid is up, it acts as natural splashback.

Slow Cook & Dough Proving Functions
Slow cook function cooks food thoroughly and evely on low temperatures. As dishes can be cooking all day, ready for when you get home, it works hard to make your life easier. The dough function enables a controlled, warm enviornment which helps rise and expand.

Easy Clean Enamel
A specially-designed enamel interior that prevents food from fusing to the surface, allowing you to wipe away spills easily when cleaning.

Defrost Function
Defrost your food more hygienically and in half the time using the defrost funciton which circulates room temperature air around the food. Perfect to defrost such as cakes or gateaux.

Catalytic Liners
Catalytic liners are treated with a special material that absorbs grease. When the oven is heated to 200 degrees or highter, the grease will burn off.

Key Features:

  • Four gas hob with flame safety device to cut the gas if a flame goes out
  • Enamel oven interior for easy cleaning
  • Fanned main oven
  • Defrost function to quickly defrost frozen foods
  • Slow cook and dough proving functions
  • Touch control white LED clock/programmer
  • Conventional electric oven & grill in upper cavity

Cooking Modes

  • Defrost - The fan assists defrosting by circulating room temperature air around the food, it is more hygienic and is done in half the time.
  • Fanned Oven - Distributes the heat evenly through the use of an integrated fan. Perfect for batch baking.
  • Conventional Oven - This function is ideal for traditional roasting. The meat is placed in the middle of the oven, roast potatoes towards the top.
  • Top Heat - Use the top oven element towards the end of the cooking, for delicate browning. Great for dishes like lasagne.
  • Base Heat - The base heat can be used to provide additional browning for pizzas, pies and quiche. Use this function towards the end of cooking.
  • Base Heat with Fan - The base element cooks the base of your open pies, while the fan allows the air to circulate around the filling.
  • Intensive Bake - Suitable for food with a high moisture content, such as quiche, bread and cheese cake. It also eliminates the need for baking pastry blind.
  • Fanned Grilling - Circulates heat around the food, making it ideal for thinner foods such as bacon, fish, gammon and steaks.
  • Conventional Grilling - This function cooks food from the top and is ideal for a range of food from toast to steaks. As the whole grill is working you can cook large quantities of food.



  • Color: Stainless steel
  • Glass lid with auto-off function
  • Multifunction Double Oven
  • Cooking burner type: Natural Gas (LPG convertible)
  • Gas inlet position, top rear right
  • Rated power (kW):
    • Front Left Burner: 3.8kW
    • Rear Left Burner: 1.7kW
    • Front Right Burner: 1.0kW
    • Rear Right Burner: 2.9kW
  • Flame failure safety device
  • Auto ignition
  • Grill in each oven
  • Easy clean enamel oven finished
  • Catalytic Liners
  • Oven Light
  • Fully programmable timer
  • Power fuse size: 20Amp
  • Power supply (V): 240V
  • Supply frequency: 50Hz
  • Product dimension (mm):  W595 x D594 x H897

Top Cavity Oven:

  • Main oven capacity (Top) - Grill & Conventional oven:
    • Gross: 43 Litres
    • Nett :37 Litres
  • 2 shelves positions
  • 1 number of shelve
  • 4 Functions - (HEAT rate):
    • Full grill - 2.3kW
    • Grill - 1.6kW
    • Conventional cooking - 1.4kW
    • Top heat only - 0.7kW
  • Power rating: 2.7kW
  • Energy rating: A
  • Energy consumption: 0.75kWh
  • Cavity front dimension (mm): H185 x W450 x D430
  • Drop down door opening
  • Catalytic Liners

Bottom Cavity Oven:

  • Second oven capacity (Bottom):
    • Gross: 72 Litres
    • Nett: 67 Litres
  • 5 shelf positions
  • 2 number of shelves
  • 2 Multi functions - (HEAT rate):
    • Fan forced Oven - 2.0kW
    • Defrost - 0.48kW
  • Power rating: 1.6kW
  • Energy rating: A
  • Cavity front dimension (mm): H330 x W450 x D400
  • Side door opening
  • Catalytic Liners